Steadfast Asset Management specializes in structuring segregated accounts and managing Real Asset* investment portfolios consisting of global Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Real Estate Operating Companies (REOCs) and other Real Return securities such as infrastructure companies. Real Assets are essential to modern day living and comprise logistic facilities, distribution and communication infrastructure, and certain healthcare facilities. Focus is placed on a long-term investment approach which enables investors to accumulate a total return over time which is delivered through a blend of a reasonably high yield that is steadily growing and capital appreciation. It has been demonstrated that the inclusion of Real Assets in one’s investment portfolio provides diversification through uncorrelated returns to the traditional asset classes of equities and bonds, and very importantly, a means to protect against a loss of purchasing power.

* What Are Real Assets? “Real” assets are the structures and raw materials that allow the economy to be productive—the properties where you live, work and shop; the infrastructure assets that provide power and water or that enable transportation and communications; and basic natural resources such as food and heating oil. These tangible assets typically come early in the supply chain and tend to be sensitive to changes in inflation—either driving inflation themselves (such as higher energy prices) or having intrinsic value tied to replacement costs.

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